Five Years Behind
Hitler's Barbed Wire

barbed wire
edited by Jacqueline Collins


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A Trunk, the Keeper of Memory

In 1996 on a cold mid-February morning in Vernon, France, Armand Oldrà answered the phone and heard a woman’s voice tell him that a piece of luggage belonging to him had been found in Austria. Would he like to get it back?

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Daring POW Escapes: Allied Officers at Austria’s Oflag XVIIA

Spring had finally arrived in the mountainous area of the Austrian Waldviertel, land of long winters and short summers. Timid clumps of grass were showing up here and there in the meadows, at one time verdant, but now barren surfaces. In the distance, light green growth softened the dark green of the dense woods of pines surrounding the camp. Inside the camp, taking advantage of the welcomed warmth, the men laid out their clothes and all kinds of articles to air and dry out the mustiness of months of winter rain and snow.